Rid the world of worthless shitcoins and scams like $XRP.

A minimum of 10k unique sign-ups are needed to activate this project.

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Why should I participate?

 You're sick of hearing about ICO's and companies with no product raising hundreds of millions of dollars off their "advisor" list. You want to put an end to the FOMO of investing in the next illiquid shitcoin. You wonder why whales aren't investing their money in supporting the efforts to evolve the protocol infrastructure to the next level. You've realized there's a critical flaw in the nature of investing in startups and there's no current model to support the people building things that create value, not necessarily profit. You stay awake at night wondering what will happen to the world when automation and AI replace all of the basic jobs a majority of the people in the world depend on to survive. You hope one day there will be balance in the world and a construct to unite the people of the world to move productively in a common direction the way a murmuration of birds moves in unison. You're yearning for change in your life and ultimately want to partake in a style of governing venture capital that's never been seen before.

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What is a DAO?


decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by shareholders and not influenced by a central government. A DAO's financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain.

How will the DestroyerDAO function?

Token Creation

Tokens are only minted by:

  1. Kickoff Airdrop (LOCKED)
  2. Burning Shitcoins (LOCKED)
  3. DAO application ecosystem generation. (MONTHLY DISPURSEMENTS)

Create a unified shitcoin ecosystem

  1. Proposals for core functionality for the DAO are submitted by the community and voted upon. 
  2. Teams compete to build the dream.
  3. Winning teams are funded directly by the DestroyerDAO contract via monthly token disbursements. Teams not performing can be cutoff from funding by the DAO community.
  4. The DAO works collectively together to refine processes, run experiments and improve the methods of collaborating.

How does the Airdrop Contest work?

Join and Refer

Sign-up and refer users to the DestroyerDAO signup. Each time you refer a new users you will receive more points and move up on the leaderboard. There will be future steps released after the interest gauging phase is complete.


The leaderboard tracks the users who are referring the most users to join the DestroyerDAO community. Future steps will require a different form of engagement from referring and will allow the community to determine the best and brightest individuals to help kickoff the DAO. 

Vote to Burn

The users with most refers during the initiation process will have the most weight in voting the first tokens to burn. Tokens will be vested over time from the airdrop. Vesting schedule has not been determined yet.


  • Can I read the whitepaper?
  • Where did the idea for this come from?
    • One of the guys on the team was playing and here we are.
  • Is there a dev premine?
    • No, the project creators have chosen to "eat their own dog food" and rely on the DestroyerDAO community to approve monthly funding to support the project. The plan is to allocate a very small percentage of the token supply vested monthly to start. DestroyerDAO token holders will be able to vote at any time to remove the project creators funding if they feel the team is not delivering. They may also vote to increase the funding if the project creators need more funding to scale the platform for operating the DestroyerDAO.
  • Why is there an airdrop contest?
    • DAO's are governed by a collection of stakeholders and we need a method to determine who those top stakeholders/community members will be. We need a mechanism to reward the community for kicking off the DestroyerDAO, provide tokens for signing up and getting new users to refer more users. Signing-up with your email is just the first step. In order to protect identities, filters fraudulent accounts and reward users; we're going to have a series of gamified events that help narrow determine real users from fake users. The leaders who refer the most to this sign-up event will have a leg up leading in to the next step up the process.
  • What is proof of burn and has it ever been used before for funding a cryptocurrency project?
    • Proof of Burn is a mechanism that allows someone to verify that coins have effectively been destroyed. Counterparty, an early protocol built on the bitcoin blockchain used proof of burn to fund the launch of the Counterparty Protocol through $XCP. You can read more about it here:
  • Why do you need to 10k sign-ups? 
    • We need to know this is worth our time to build. Without a certain critical mass of people the DAO will have a low probability of success. Again the math and simulations we never ran say it's absolutely pertinent we hit 10k sign-ups.
  • Why would I burn my illiquid shitcoins?
    • Because they're worthless shitcoins and you may never see a liquidity event again. Why support scam when you can support the WMD of scams?
  • What are the long term benefits of the DestroyerDAO?
    • The hope is to create a balance within the ecosystem that prevents the future creation of scammy projects by providing signals and consequences ahead of time. Our hope is investors will ultimately ask, will this new token over value the DestroyerDAO token. If not why wouldn't this team join the DestroyerDAO ecosystem?
  • Will coins being burned pump from DestroyerDAO burn events?
    • Potentially yes. By decreasing the supply of the shitcoin the shitcoin may pump if there's any volume on an exchange. The long term hope is to use burning events of token projects a negative signal for traders. We're also exploring ideas on how to reduce some of these effects with Zero Knowledge Proofs.
  • Will the DAO only fund DestroyerDAO projects?
    • We hope to use the DestroyerDAO to help fund projects outside of the DestroyerDAO ecosystem, but ultimately it will be up to the DestroyerDAO community. Our hope is to fund open source initiatives like Bitcoin core development and other projects producing value in the crypto community looking for alternative sources of funding.
  • What's the token ticker going to be?
    • $GFY
  • Why are the founders anonymous?
    • Because we like our privacy. We've opted to share our identities if there is enough support behind this effort. Many know who we are already.
  • Why produce another shitcoin for my burned shitcoins?
    • Because we need to incentivize you to burn your worthless shitcoins and make a game of it. We also believe connecting a group of unique applications together to a create unified shitcoin will create a strong community of veterans that will provide a platform to create new unique products that deliver, iterate quickly and produce real value.
  • Will you burn other shitcoins even non ERC-20 coins?
    • Eventually, yes. What ever the DestroyerDAO community decides. ERC-20's are the lowest hanging fruit.
  • Will you burn Ripple, XRP? 
    • Yes, we hope to destroy all scams one day. 
  • What keeps people from printing random shitcoins and getting DestroyerDAO tokens in return?
    • The DAO community is incentivized to attack communities with actual users. We will build all the tools necessary to for the DAO to decide the best shitcoins to attack.
  • Will the DAO be fully decentralized day 1?
    • No, the DAO will operate centralized until each system is optimized. Voting will always be decentralized, but actual functionality will be handled manually and replaced with decentralized systems over time. We will try to distribute the initial DestroyerDAO tokens as effectively as possible.
  • Will DestroyerDAO always run on Ethereum?
    • We don't know the answer to that now. But since this is a Dapp model we can always port the DAO to another blockchain in the future. Again we're just focusing on attacking the lowest hanging fruit for now.
  • Did you invest in shitcoins?
    • Yes and many of them turned out to be worthless scams composed of teams that never delivered.
  • I'm a bitcoin maximalist, why should I support the creation of another shitcoin?
    • Because Luke we must bring balance to the force. Fight fire with fire. One shitcoin to rule them all. We need some Yang with our Yin, Bro.
  • Do you support Bitcoin?
    • Of course, because was Bitcoin we wouldn't be here today without Bitcoin. We support all projects successfully creating material value for the ecosystem.
  • ‚ÄčAre there community chats?
    • People in the community have created Discord and Telegram channels, but the creators of the project have no official affiliation with this. The twitter handle controlled by the project creators can be found here:

Don't be a pleb.

Be a degen.

Friends don't let friends buy shitcoins. 

Be the first to start burning your useless shitcoins and promote a future where scams no longer exist.

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